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1. Suppose the distribution of birth weights of babies born at Big General Hospital is normal. If the mean weight is 7.5 lb. and the standard deviation is 1.25 lb, about 50% of the babies will weight between....

2. Joe runs a carnival game in which he charges $2 for a player to randomly select 3 cards from a 52 card deck. If the player gets 3 cards of the same color, the player is handed a $5.00 bill. What is Joe's expected profit per play? (Round to th nearest cent).

3. Suppose a random sample of size n=144 is obtained from a population with a population mean 75 and population standard deviation 10. Use the central limit theorem to approximate the probability P(72 < x bar < 78), where x bar denotes the sample mean.

Sorry, I'm not sure how to do these problems. Much thanks!

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