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When both parents believe that men are capable of nurturing infants
a. mothers devote time to caregiving
b. fathers devote less time to caregiving
c. fathers devote more time to caregiving
d. the marital relationship tends to suffer, particulary when me spend little time in the caregiver role

Baby eniko grasps her mother's hair, gazes into her eyes, and smiles. These actions bring eniko close contact w/her mother, which comforst her. according to bowlby's theory of attachment, eniko is the ____ phase.
a. reciprocal relationship
b. clear-cut
c. attachment-in-the-making
d. preattachment

______is considered a powerful tool in self-development because it permits children to represent and express the self more clearly.
a. language
b. movement
c. a large social network
d. recursive thought

Dr. thorne is interested in learning how children come to understqnd their malfaceted world. in her research, she asks like, "when do infants discover that they're separqate beings, distinct from other people and objects? Dr. thorne is stuyding

a. social cognition
b. inner self
c. self-concept
d. social comparisons

dr. bouvier observes that bees sacrfice their lives to protect the hive dog cowers in the corner after wetting the carpet. dr. bouvier concludes that many morally relevant behaviors have evolutionary roots, which is consistent with ____ theories of human social behavior

a. piaget's
b. social learning
c. biological
d. kohlbergs

In kohlber's theory, at the ____ level, moral understanding is based on rewards, punishments, and the power of authority figures

a. principled
b. preconventional
c. conventional
d. postconventional

Parents of impulsive children can foster conscience development by building a warm, affectionate relationship that promotes
A.frequent power asser attachment
C.ego development
D.fear and guilt

A parent who uses imperatives and specific suggestions in everyday life is most likely the parent of a?
D. son and daughter

both piaget and kohlberg used a/an ______ procedure to study moral development
A.clinical relationship
B. clear-cut
D. ecological

Mischel's research shows that ____ is especially important is teaching children to delay gratification and resist temptation
A.the belief-desire theory of mind
B.diverting attention
C.perspective taking

Dean associates certain activies, roles, and traits as being typical for either males or females. His associations conform to cultural stereotypes and encompass many gender-linked responses. This is an example of gender

My answer
1c 2d 3b 4a 5d 6b 7b 8d 9c 10a 11b

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    et al

    You are studying these theorists' work, but I don't believe anyone here has read their writings. I agree with you on the first one, but have no clue about the rest because I don't know how these writers have used these terms.

    PS - It also helps if you number the questions and then indicate what you think each answer is by using (*) or (X) next to each of your choices. Scrolling up and down is very hard on old eyes!

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    Oh okay sorry I just found this side and it is the first time using it but thanks for your help

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    It's not a bad idea to try. Just remember that what you're studying is highly specific, and not many of us who are mainly into math, science, English, etc., will be familiar with such specifics.


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    I understand...This lesson is just kicking my butt

  • child development -

    3 is A
    5 is C
    9 is A
    10 is B
    11 is C

    Those are right because I did this test already. :) The ones I didn't mention already have the right answer.

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