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phsycial fitness and your __ by bea:health
how to __ bird calls by ma:imitate
the terrible,horrible__ day by mona:awful
a criminals__ by gil:confession
how to speak with enthusiasm and __ by hammet:expression
how to earn a ___ to a higher position:promotion
the care and __ of your belongings:protection
apartment design and __:decoration
cleaning up environmental___:pollution
how to get your car to pass___:inspection
making___ pearls look real:imitation

  • Ela -

    Your choices look pretty good to me. I have my doubts about Take care and protection..
    I would say: Take care and protect...
    "Take care" is a verb form
    protect is a verb form
    "protection" is a noun and should not be joined with "take care" by "and"
    The sentence should really read:
    "Take care of and protect your belongings"

  • Ela -

    Yay! All are correct!

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