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Foreign languages

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Writeacher, could you help me write a sentence for each of the following phrasal verbs? Thank you.

set about
set someone apart
set off
set someone/thing up
gear up for something
melt away

  • Foreign languages -

    Last month, he set about finding his mother's ancestors.

    She set five of her classmates apart to survey them for their knowledge of their ancestors.

    They set off fireworks to celebrate the country's independence.

    She set off on foot to find the closest library.

    He felt he had been set up to fail; nothing he tried was successful.

    All week, the students were gearing up for the special celebration on Friday.

    The ice in the dog's water bowl just melted away in the sunshine.

    She melted away into the crowd because she didn't want to be questioned.

    (Do you have some you need checked?)

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