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7. Explain - Why is it important to evaluate the work plan? What might happen if team members fail to evaluate it?

Answer - The reason why it's important to evaluate the work plan is because so that they understand what did correctly, what could be improved, and whether they reached their goal.

i wrote the answer for the first part of the question but didn't for the second part

so if you fail .... um... you're in danger for any crumisstandsis (sorry i miss spell it)

please help............

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    If they fail to evaluate the work plan, they may make the same mistakes again.

  • FACS - Reading Assignment Help! -


    ****** please reply my post below (NOT to ms. sue, science hw check)

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    I don't know the answers to your science homework. Sorry.

  • FACS - Reading Assignment Help! -

    ok that's explain why

    please ask the other teachers plz if they know

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