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foreign languages

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Writeacher, I changed my name to Mike1 because someone answered my post with "I don't know". I hope it is OK with you.

Here are the sentences I left out before.
1) I was proud of myself for helping my granny last holiday (on my last holiday, during my last holiday?)
2) Last year I thought that my friend Sam had broken my bike. I blamed him for breaking it for one month.
3) I depend on my parents. I think I will depend on my parents until I find a job.
Last year my football friend Richard's father (the father of a my friend ..) died. I felt very sorry for him and his family.
4)I last felt sorry when my friend Mary / I last felt sorry for my friend Mary when she ..
Are both possible?
She lost her mobile phone last summer. She was really upset, but fortunately her parents didn't blame her because it wasn't her fault.

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    Just ignore people who post like that. I come in later and delete those nonsense posts.

    1 - OK

    2 - This reads that Sam kept breaking the bike for a month!! (Move "for one month" to the beginning of that sentence.)

    3 - Last year, the father of my football friend Richard died.

    4 - Yes, both are OK.

    All else is fine.

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    Or ... even better:

    3 - Last year, the father of Richard, my football friend, died.

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