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Introduction to quadratic equations?
If you solve the equation by completing the square, fill in the blanks.
x^2+x+blank=-4/9+blank <---- (blank one, both the same)

x+1/2= ┬▒ √blank <------ blank 2(both the same)

x=-1/2 ┬▒blank i <---- blank 3

enter blank 1, blank 2, blank 3 as common fractions separated by commas

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    If you really want an expert to help you, be sure to follow directions and type your subject in the School Subject box. Any other words, including obscure abbreviations, are likely to delay responses from a teacher who knows that subject well.

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    You know there is a website you can go to and you can type in the math problem and it gives you your answer, or you can check your work its called Mathway.

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