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Physics Report! What should i write..please help me need ideas !best answer!?
Well First my report should be focused on Circular Motion OR Energy and momentum

All the report says is to spend a day or two analysing the world around you in terms of Linear Motion / Newton's Laws / Vectors. Choose one aspect you would like to investigate further e.g. apples falling from a tree

You start by understanding what you want to get out of this exercise then you go on to do it. You need to show that you can investigate and explain the underlying physics of an observed real-world situation write a scientific report evaluate the quality of your work

Make a note of what you have found interesting in your observations and what you think the underlying physics may be. Then check your explanation using a valid source of information and modify your explanation accordingly if necessary.

Do some tests / collect some detailed information
Try and capture some data / information about the situation that demonstrates the underlying physics. You can use this information in your report.

See if the detailed information / data you have captured supports or refutes your original explanation of the underlying science. Or perhaps your explanation needs to be modified slightly to explain all the data you observed. Make notes on this stage to help you with writing up your report.

Ask yourself questions about the process and jot down some notes which may be of use when writing up your report. The types of questions you might ask could include “Was this the best way to illustrate the physics of the situation? Are there other ways it could have been done and what are the merits of each? Are there other interesting aspects of the situation that could also be investigated?

Write a Scientific Report
The report should be coherent, cohesive, comprehensive and concise. We are expecting around 3 pages of text plus any pictures, diagrams, tables of data, audio or video material relevant to your study.

  • Physics -

    You have a wordy instructor.

    So you want to investigate circular motion? Why not investigate why you feel pressed against the car door when you turn the car at higher speeds. Why? How much? How does it fit into Newtons Laws?

    You can explain it in a half page of text, however, I suspect your teacher enjoys words and pictures.

    But in the end, understanding and applying Newtons Laws of Motion are more important.

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