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I still have a few sentences to check. I really hope you can help me check them. I added a few more sentences.

1)I think the best thing to do is working at a passion because in this way you'll work better than anyone else.
2)You feel the need to go to work.
3) If you work at the passion, the work itself makes you happy and motivates you to do your best every day.
4) As I haven't heard from you since last week, I've decided to give my students the names of their Irish partners.
5) They will send them their first email using the email address we created for the project. I really hope they will get a reply from your students.
6) One student still hasn't got a partner. She is looking forward to having one, too. I hope you had a nice Easter.
7) She has taken over as the head of the family business.
I'd prefer to work at my passion because I could fulfill myself completely.
8) The teapot came apart in my hands and I burned myself/scalded myself (I got burned).

Are tenses correct?
If I worked, I would work at a job..
When I work, I will certainly work at developing a career.

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    5) They will send them their first email using the email address we created for the project. I really hope they will get replies from your students.
    (Plural students = plural replies)

    All other sentences are fine.

    And yes, the tenses in the last two sentences are fine, too.

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