Chemistry(Please check)

posted by Hannah

What is molar solubility of Al(OH)3 at 25 degrees C given the solubility product Ksp = 5.0e-33?

I set this up as Al^3+ + 3OH^-


5.0e-33 = (x)(3x)^3

Before I go any further did I do this correctly?

  1. bobpursley

    you are right, I was wrong yesterday.

    solve for x.

  2. Hannah

    So it would be 27x^4, so I divide 5.0e-33 by 27 to get 1.8e-34 and then raise this to the 1/4 power which I got 4e-9.

  3. DrBob222

    I get 3.69E-9

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