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I did some of the corrections myself. Can you check them, please?

1) Caliban curses himself for having shown Prospero the secrets of the island.
2) Prospero pens him up in a cave like pig and he wishes he could use all the magic spells of Sykorax against him.
3) Caliban spoiled their relationship because when Prospero offered his house to him, he tried to rape his daughter and if Prospero hadn't stopped him, he would have filled the island with a race of Calibans.
4) He wishes he could use all the magic spells and cast them on him (correction: the magic spells of Sykorax against him).
5) When Caliban didn't know the words, he babbled and Miranda helped him find the correct words, so he could have made himself understood.
5) Correction: When Caliban was babbling, Miranda helped him to make himself understood.
6) Caliban had bad blood in him, no matter how much he learned, he couldn't be near people without scaring them.

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    Your corrections are good.

    Many commas are needed.

    Don't forget to use present tense when talking/writing about literature.

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