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(a) Suppose a bimetallic strip is constructed of copper and steel strips of thickness 1.1 mm and length 29 mm, and the temperature of the strip is reduced by 5.1 K. Determine the radius of curvature of the cooled strip (the radius of curvature of the interface between the two strips). (The linear expansion coefficients for copper ans steel are 1.70 10-5 °C−1 and 1.30 10-5 °C−1, respectively.)
b) If the strip is 29 mm long, how far is the maximum deviation of the strip from the straight orientation? (The deviation is measured from the straight orientation from the interface of the two strips.)

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    calculate the difference in change in lengths for the two metals.

    arclength= angle*radius

    Now you know the radii are 1.1mm apart, so radius one = R (you are solving for this), and radius two is R+1.1mm

    you know the two arc lengths (original lengths plus change length)

    solve for R

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    i can find the change in length, but I am still confused. Are you saying that I should use two equations becuase of two Rs and arclength..also what about the angle?

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