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Mechanics for A-level

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An object of mass 50kg rests on a rough plane inclined at an angle z to the horizontal. It is supported in this position by a light string parallel to the plane which is attached to the object and fixed to a point at the top of the plane. The string has a breaking strain of 200N and the co-efficient of friction between the object and the plane is 0.2, Find the largest value of angle z which would allow the string to remain intact

  • Mechanics for A-level -

    as you increase the angle, the static friction increases up to a maximum value of mu*N.

    you need to find the value of z for which the max force upward = force downward:

    Tmax + fmax = mg sinz

    200 + mu*mgcosz = mg sinz

    200 + 0.2*50*9.8cosz = 50*9.8 sinz

    z = 34.9 deg

  • Mechanics for A-level -

    I'm sorry, but I'm stuck at 200 + 0.2*50*9.8cosz = 50*9.8sinz

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