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Here is the last part concerning the narrative technique. Thank you.

1) Pamela is (was) written in epistolary form, as a “series of familiar letters” written by the protagonist and some also by her parents.
2) Richardson places himself in the role of an editor, arranging and publishing, without comment, a series of thirty-two letters followed by a long journal which Pamela herself wrote while cut off from her friends at B-Hall.
3) In the first part of the novel Pamela writes letters to her parents speaking about her moral problems and asking for advice. In the second part Mr B imprisons her in his country house. Here Pamela continues writing but she is not sure her parents will ever receive her letters.
4) The features of the use of this technique are as follows.
As the letters are written in first-person, they provide different individual points of view on the same event, which can be fully explored.

  1. Writeacher

    1. "is written" - remember that when writing about literary things, use the present tense. Also - why are you using quotation marks in the sentence? If you're not quoting someone, delete the quotation marks. If you ARE quoting someone, give the source.

    2. OK

    3. three commas needed

    4. no hyphen needed; delete "individual"

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