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Below the human hemoglobin sequence are the first thirty amino acid sequences of several other species’ hemoglobins.
Inspect the sequences and answer the following questions:

h l t p e e k s a v t a l w g k v n v d e v g g e a l g r l

ml t a e e k a a v t a f w g k v k v d e v g g e a l g r l
B) hwt g e e k a l v n av w t k t d h q a v v a k a l e r l
C) hwt a e e k q l i t g l w g k v n v a e c g a e a l a r l
D) hl t p e e k s a v t a l w g k v n v d e v g g e a l g r

The sequences looked at above, each come from one of the animals below. Usingthe chart as a guide, match the animals’ hemoglobin sequences to the animals:

Chimp Shark Cow Chicken

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