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I left out the following sentences.
Can you please check them, too?

1) “Congratulations for passing your driving test”, Peter said to me.
He congratulated (me) on/for passing my driving test.
2) “I’m terribly sorry I dropped your glasses on the floor”, he said to me.
He apologized to me for dropping my glasses on the floor.
Combine the following pairs of sentences using appropriate phrases. (5 pts.)
3) There are two public libraries in the city. Neither of them is located close to where I live.
4) Peter ordered a lot of books. Many of them came within a week.
5) I have three winter coats. None of them are new.
6) Amy and Beth are twins. Both of them play the guitar.
7) The bush is covered with blueberries. A few of them are ripe.

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    In the sentences with quotation marks, the comma or period goes before the closing quotation marks.

    All else is correct.

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