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English 3

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8. The modernist movement challenged American writers to
a. adopt Marxism as a philosophical basis for their work
b. set their stories and poems in the South or Midwest
c. find new themes, subjects, and styles for their work
d. avoid the influences and ideas of European writers
C or D?

11. In "The Death of the Hired Man", the characters' feelings are revealed by
a. how the character reacts to death
b. the characters' different definitions of work
c. the observation of the third-person narrator
d. what the characters say to one another

12. Which of the following sentences best states the main idea of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"?
a. Them modern world has no need of intellectual people
b. Modern life is spiritually bankrupt
c. In modern times, heroes are not needed
d. Modern people are generous and kind

14. In "Winter Dreams", Dexter Green can best be describes as
a. ambitious and full of desires
b. judgmental and comical
c. courageous and helpful
d. honest and trustworthy

15. Why is it paradoxical that Judy's smile has "no root in mirth, or even amusement"?
a. Her smile is an invitation to be kissed
b. She smiles at the chicken livers and at Dexter
c. Smiles usually indicate happiness
d. Her smile is an indication of her boredom


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    You posted these questions before, and no one answered. I have not answered because I have not read these works or have not read them recently enough.


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