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Fellow students! Big changes are on the horizon. Our headteacher, Mrs Rodriguez, has finally decided to tackle the antisocial behavior among many of the pupils in this school. Her plan is to set up a 'School court'. The court will be run by a group of six pupils who will be judges to their fellow students who who have behavior problems. Some people think its a great idea while others cant even sleep at night because they're so worried about the scheme!
So, to the guys who are worried out there, lets look on the bright side! Firstly, you must all admit that its a new idea. We all know that the current method of dealing with troublemakers (kicking them out of school for a couple of days) is definitely not working. The school court method is a proactive way to tackle behavior problems and moreover, it has been proved extremely effective in other secondary schools. The scheme also promotes teamwork as the judges will be working together to make decisions. Finally, lets face it people: No one knows and understands teenagers better than teenagers themselves!
On the other side, a number of concerns about this new idea have been raised. One problem with the plan is that it could lead to favoritism. Although the judges agree to remain unbiased at all times, we've got to remember that they are young people at the end of the day. How many teenagers do you know that never tell a lie? So, the judges could be loyal towards their friends or fellow students. This will promote further, such as the judges themselves getting bullied due to the sanctions they hand out, or even blackmailed into making unfair decisions. So, you see this new method of dealing with antisocial behavior could actually lead to even more bad behavior in our school.
To conclude, in my opinion Mrs Rodriguez's plan to launch the school court method is quite risky as it could all fall apart and fail to fulfill its purpose. But on the other hand, you never know, it might be the answer to a lot of the schools problems..
Thanks for the help. Any suggestions would be great.

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    a 'School court'. -- Why the quotation marks and capital S?

    who will be judges to their fellow students who who have -- "judges to ?? "who who" -- ??

    And those are just in the first 4 lines.

    Please read over your writing very carefully -- or better yet, have someone else read it aloud to you. Read it one sentence at a time, from the end to the beginning.

    What do you find?

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    the court might be biased but if the training given to young people as judges was effective, this would not happen!!

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