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I still have to include the following sentences. I really hope you can help me check them.

1) All the commas in your paragraphs are set in place of periods. Divide your long sentences into shorter sentences consisting of subject, verb and complements.
2) Link them using appropriate sentence connectors.
Victorian family was a patriarchal family, in which women had to provide to children's education (were in charge of/had to provide FOR...)
3) This period was characterized by doubts and uncertainties about (concerning is possible?) religion and the relationship between science and belief.
4) The inhabitants of Coketown are described as a bad lot (can you add "of peopple"?) because they were used to getting drunk..
5) Use the past when reporting about historical events.
In Coketown prevail the values of hatred and tedium of the people who look one another because of their monotonous life.
6) The inhabitants of C. look like one another because they lead the same monotonous life dominated by hatred and tedium)
7) Coketown is described by Dickens using similes, mainly derived from the animal world. First, it is compared to the painted face of a savage because of the red of its brick and the black of its soot.
8) The smoke coming out of the chimneys is described as coiling up like snakes.

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    2. The Victorian family was a patriarchal family, in which women were in charge of the children's education.

    3. "about" and "concerning" both work.

    4. You can add "of people" but you don't need to.

    5. In Coketown, the prevailing values are hatred and tedium ...

    All the rest is OK.

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