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tell which letter is a correct answer to the questions. a question may have more than one right answer.

Which of the following can be inflamed?
a. a wound
b. a menu
c. an interrogation
d. a congregation
(I know for sure an answer is 'a' but I'm wondering if c and/or d is an answer as well)

Which of the following might act in a servile manner?
a. a sage
b. a dignitary
c. a patriarch
d. a slave
(I know letter 'd' is an answer but I was wondering if 'a' could also be an answer.)

  1. Writeacher

    For the first one, a and d for sure -- and maybe c, depending on context.

    For the second one, the only answer is d. Do you know what a sage is?

  2. Ness

    for the first question i believe the answer to be both 'c' and 'd'

  3. Ness

    i agree with Writeacher on the second question. the answer is 'd'

  4. SoccerStar

    Yes, it means a person known for wisdom and good judgment. Since servile means like a slave; excessively humble, I thought a sage could be humble.
    On the first one, I think that it may not be c because an actual interrogation cannot be excited or angered, can it?

  5. Ness

    in a way an interrogation can be heated. emotionally and physically that is.

  6. SoccerStar

    Okay, I think I understand. I have one more question, of the same type of the previous two.

    Which of the following is an overt action?
    a. digesting dinner
    b. keeping a secret
    c. ordering dinner
    d. handing out tracts
    (I know the answer is d, but I was also wondering if c would work, too)

  7. Writeacher

    An overt action is one that can be seen by others. So yes, c and d can be the answers.

  8. Ness

    'C' can work too. both 'c' and 'd' can be seen openly. not 'a' and 'b'

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