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Writeacher, can you check these sentences, please? Thank you very much.

1) The Great Fire broke out in London in 1665.
2)London was hit by the Fire in ...
3) The Great Fire burst out (?) in London in..
4)This accelerated a secret plan to bring in William of Orange, the husband of James's Protestant daughter. (what does bring in mean?)
5)James II asserted the divine right of the monarch and began putting Catholics in positions of power in every branch of public life.
6) The Glorious Revolution took place in 1689 (and originated/resulted) from the cooperation between the crown and the Parliament. This revolution was called glorious to celebrate the bloodlessness of the deposition of James II.

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    3. "occurred" would be better than "burst out"

    4. Someone had a secret plan to make William of Orange the king.

    6. "originated" and "resulted" are almost opposites. What are you trying to say here?

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