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I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) I'll take an umbrella in case (that) it rains(it may rain/it might rain)
You can go to the cinema providing you finish your homework.
2) He should have repaired his car.
She complained to the teacher because he always gives them a lot of homework for the next day.
3) I would appreciate receiving some news from you.
I was awaken by the loud noise.
4) They split up when he discovered his wife had a relationship with another man.The car sped up to overtake a (forthcoming?) car.
5) She struck the ball with the bat.
I lay in bed for two hours. I've lain in bed for two hours.
6) You needn't have phoned him. (It wasn't necessary for you to phone him).
If the weather were bad, we wouldn't go out.
7) If only I could have talked to her!
I introduced my to her and we shook hands. I ordered two books, both of which arrived in a week (within a week).
8) I sent two letters, neither of which has arrived yet.
He was interviewed by three firms, all of which offered him a job.
9) Forget when/why/the reason why/the place in which/how/ the way in which Mary fell off the horse.

  • English -

    1. Most commonly used is this sentence without any of the words in parentheses.

    3. awakened

    4. ... an oncoming car.

    6. You didn't need to phone him.

    If the weather is bad, we won't go out.
    If the weather had been bad, we wouldn't have gone out.
    If the weather was bad, why did she go out?

    7. ... myself to her ...

    9. What are you trying to say here??

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