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Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you.

That's the man I talked at the conference to.
That's the man I talked to at the conference.
On the Ten Tors Challenge I'm wearing a yellow T-shirt, black tracksuit pants, and a red-and-white bandanna on my forehead.
I'm also wearing a red K-way and black knee-high gaiters.
I also take (I've also taken with me?) with me food, drinks and a sleeping bag.

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    1st sentence - no
    2nd sentence - yes!

    3rd sentence - OK, but I'd be more inclined to say this: ... bandanna around my head.

    4th sentence - I don't know what a K-way is!! The sentence sounds right otherwise.

    5th sentence - choices:
    I will also take... (future)
    I've also taken ... (past & present)
    I also took ... (past only)

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