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Which number represent the smallest
.8 5 12 .888 .96For $1.80

2) a grocer buys a case of fruit which contains 12 dozen. She knows that two dozen will spoil before she sells them. At what price per dozen must she sell the good ones to gain 1/3 of the whole cost?
is there any quick way to solve this question ? and what is that.

3) which number is different from this series. 1/16 1/6 1/4 1 1/2
.I think it is 1 . Am i right?

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    Not quite sure what your numbers are supposed to be for the first question. If you are looking at money values, think of it this way: is 50 cents less than 75 cents? Maybe this will help give you a better perspective in choosing the smallest amount.

    For the second question:
    You are missing the cost of the case of fruit.

    For the third question: you are correct! The rest are fractions.

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