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Food that is consumed often enters the body in the form of large organic molecules, such as proteins and starches. Prior to entering cells, however, these large molecules must be broken down into smaller molecules.

For example, proteins are digested into _______ prior to entering cells.

A. amino acids

B. simple sugars

C. fatty acids

D. phosphates

  1. Bill

    Its A, Mario is wrong

  2. me

    bill is wrong. It is B. simple sugars. Have fun on study island

  3. Helan

    Its actually A, Amino acids. I'm currently doing the study island question. and I got it wrong because of these dummy's.

  4. Anonymous

    Amino acid

  5. chris

    its a

  6. Raja

    It is B....

  7. Steven

    A. Amino Acids
    -Study Island

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