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I left out these sentences. I really hope you can check them, too.

1) When Robinson arrives on the island he brings some tools he took from the ship with him; He has got a Bible, some seeds, a diary, weapons and gunpowder. 2) He keeps himself busy by making himself a home and making furniture with wool. He prepares pots with clay and even an oven, in which he can cook bread.
3) He learns how to grow the seeds and he starts a goat farm in order to have meat and he can also make candles with the goats’ fat.
4) Furthermore, he reads the Bible every day and he tries to maintain a contact with his motherland by keeping a diary.

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    1. Comma needed, and change the semicolon to a period.

    2. OK

    3. This needs to be two sentences. Where will you separate it?

    4. comma needed; remove "a" in front of "contact"

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