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Here are some other sentences I need to check with you. Thank you very much.

1) He writes a diary with everything he does on the island (and records everything he does on the island?).
2) To feed himself, in addition to goats’ meat and milk, he plants some corn seeds in the dry season, because he realizes the crop is more productive than in the wet season.
3) At last, the sense of reward and punishment are provided by the Puritan ethics of the middle class. (are linked to the Puritan ethics?)
4) Friday doesn’t look so much like the Indian cannibals. He resembles more a European man. His hair is curled, but not like the wool (like wook) as the Indians’ hair is.
5) When Robinson realizes he is running out of... (To be running out is a mistake?)
He reads every day the Bible, which he had rescued from the ship along with pen, ink and paper.
6) Friday explains that his God lives on the great mountain and can't hear human prayers like Jusus Christ.
He catches the goatsby digging holes in the ground and putting food on top of them. When the goats try to get the food, they are trapped.
7) He takes (brings?) a Bible from the ship and reads it every day. He uses pen and ink he finds on the ship to write some notes (to keep a diary):
He has a very soft, sweet look like a European (like that of a European).

  • English -

    1. OK

    2. ... he plants corn in the dry season because he realizes corn is more productive then than in the wet season.

    3. both OK

    4 = ??

    5. OK, as is; delete the wording in parentheses.

    6. ...and can't hear humans' prayers as Jesus Christ can.

    ... goats by ...

    7. He takes ... to keep a diary ... like that of ...

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