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A pole-vaulter of mass 59.9 kg vaults to a height of 5.9 m before dropping to thick padding placed below to cushion her fall.

(a) Find the speed with which she lands.

(b) If the padding brings her to a stop in a time of 0.48 s, what is the average force on her body due to the padding during that time interval?

I have no clue how to even start this! If someone could help, then please; I would appreciate it!

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    a. find the speed from the height he fell.

    b. force*time=mass(changeinVelocityatImpact)

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    Do I use kinematic equation for part a?
    And what would be the force for part b?

    Thank you!

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    From the law of conservation of energy:
    PE = KE
    mgh = mv^2/2
    v=sqr(2gh)=sqr(2•9.8•5.9)=10.75 m/s

    F=ma=m•Δv/Δt=59.9•10.75/0.48=1342 N

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    Thank you Elena :) !

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