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I still have a few sentences to check. Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) During my last holiday I went to Switzerland. For my birthday my parents gave me cards for a horse jumping tournment in Zurich and I went to watch it.
2)We went to friends who have a house in Zurich and the first eveneing we had dinner with them.
The day after our arrival my mother and 3)I (I went with my mum9 went to the tournment.Can you finish off a letter with "I'm waiting for your answer".
4) We went to a restaurant at the seaside.
5) I have recently (?) been on holiday with my family. We've gone (shall I replace it with the past simple?) to Rome and we've spent our time visiting the city: museums, churches, and so on. 6) Have you ever been to Rome? We've also eaten a delicious pizza. We've walked much (a lot?). Have you done holidays recently (have you gone on holiday recently?)
7) Sorry if I'm writing to you just now (for writing to you .../if I haven't written before') but I have had a busy month.

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    1. three commas needed

    2. add "visit" before "friends" -- commas needed -- check spelling

    Please restate #3.

    4. OK

    5. "recently" is fine; yes, replace the present perfect with the simple past, for both verbs

    6. ... We also ate... We walked all over the city ... Have you gone on holiday...

    7. Sorry to be writing to you so late, but I ...

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