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I urgently need you to check this message I need to include in an email.
Thank you, Writeacher.

1) Our students have started receiving post from their new Irish partners.
It would be nice if you could send me a list of the students participating in the email partnership.
2) It would also be better if each of them wrote a short message to our school mail addrees so that I can match them with my students and they can start emailing to one another.
3) If you want, I can ask my students to use both English and Italian for their messages so that your students can get enough practice of our language, too.
4) A student from my class, ........is a professional chess player and would like to correspond with an Irish student who shares his same interest.

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    1. posts (plural) -- or do you mean they've started receiving email from...
    (Posts are what you find on message boards, like here at Jiskha; email messages are different.)

    4. commas before and after the chess player's name

    Everything else looks good. =)

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