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I need to write a poem in the style of an American romantic poet. I don't really understand how to incorporate that into a poem. My poem is supposed to be about nature with the five senses. Can someone please explain to me how i create an american romantic poem??

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    Romanticism was an era in literature that focused on the individual and his journey opposed to the earlier periods that were focused on religion (like the Puritan ideas.)

    Ralph Waldo Emerson was a writer/poet from the romantic era. More specifically he was the hero of transcendentalism. Which was basically just the ideal that in order to understand life and the world one must transcend logic and materials to find the innate divinity within ourselves.

    Emerson wrote an essay call "Nature" that talks about how through observing the beauty of nature one can become closer to transcending worldly things and become connected with your innate goodness.

    So basically you just need to incorporate those ideas. The poem should be about an individual who is able to understand something significant about his life or the purpose of life through observing nature with his five senses.

    For example maybe the individual could go to beach with his family and he sees the vast ocean, feels the warm sun, tastes/smells the salt water, and hears the waves, sees the smiles on his family's face and hear's them laughing and it reminds him of how he used to go to that beach with his family and makes him think about how fast life goes by.

    I hope that helped!

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    thanks :)

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