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Which statement does not accurately describe Committees on the Whole?

1.)It helps the House get around quorum requirements.

2.)It debates bills, offers amendments, votes, and passes them on to the entire House.

3.)It is a permanent fixture in Congress.

4.)It can operate with as few as 100 members present.

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    Please someone answer, i don't have an answer...

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    3.) It is a permanent fixture in Congress.

    The House often has a difficult time achieving a quorum, so to get around the quorum requirement the House convenes a Committee on the Whole.In this tactic, the entire House becomes a single committee and can operate with only 100 members present. The Committee on the Whole debates a bill, offers amendments to it, and votes on the bill's sections before passing it onto the entire House. The Committee on the Whole then dissolves itself, and the entire membership of the House takes a vote to approve or reject what the committee has produced.

    Hope it helped, I wasn't sure that was the right answer so I provided the proof straight from my book for you.

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