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Write a paragraph about the country you chose to present. The paragraph should have an introduction and conclusion and explain why you chose the country, what you found most interesting, information that surprised you and any other relevant information/your opinion.
my country is (Turkey)

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

    Some information I found when I visited Turkey for three weeks:

    The coast along the Mediterranean was originally occupied by Greeks.

    The Cappadocia rock formations are amazing.

    Istanbul is on two continents.

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    With write for me a simple paragraph about turkey

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    No thanks. I wouldn't dream of depriving you of the educational experience of learning and writing about Turkey.

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    ok , i am going to write and i will send it to you to correct it for me is that good

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    No one will do your assignment for you. We will, however look it over once you have written it, and make suggestions and corrections.

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    could you please check for me grammar and did i explain this paragraph correct or not ??
    thank you
    Three years ago, I went to Turkey with my family and friends . It was unforgettable country,including the beauty , civilization ,nice weather and beautiful nature. Turkey had been an excellent heathy care system and that's made me love this country. Moreover, Turkey has a high standard eduction system. So ,I took a tour around the schools of Turkey and I was really surprise for the way of education. After this tour was gained good experience will help me in the future if I will be a doctor or teacher.Then ,I went to Istanbul which is located in two continents. Istanbul it was really beautiful city which famous people live there,and shows you the stories of old building through the ornament. Most people live in Istanbul because it was easy to find a job and all daily needs are available and easy to earn. After all this description for Istanbul,I went to many museum but the most interesting one was about history live for old turkish people . In addition, I went to the beach and the water was the color of the net and a nice atmosphere. Also , it was many spaces for all people to sit near the beach ,and it was unusual trip. Next,it was different delicious food with cheeper price for poor and rich people. Finally, I really enjoyed my times in turkey with my friends and my family. As a result, Turkey is a desirable place to live.

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