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I urgently need you to check this email, Writeacher. Many thanks.

1) I’m really glad you answered my email!
My school will be very pleased to cooperate with your school in the future.
2) As I wrote in my previous email, our students are between fourteen and eighteen years old. Most of them are high achievers and motivated to learn English as well as to make new English-speaking friends.
3) In addition, they will have to learn a subject in English, probably science, in their last year of high school and therefore, they will profit a lot from a partnership between our schools
I believe we can start the email partnership right away.
4) I was thinking of including about 20 students taken from my classes 10 and 11, who are preparing for their PET certification. They are actually learning colloquial English used in everyday conversations. What do you think?
Our students will be delighted to accommodate their Irish friends at their house and teach them their customs and traditions. As you will be in Italy in October, I wonder if you could come and visit our school during your stay in our country.
5) You will have the chance to get to know our teaching staff, our principal and also to see the truffle and wine fair, which is held every year in October.
6) We are all looking forward to working with your school.

Best regards on behalf of all of us.

  • English -

    3. ... high school; therefore, they will profit ...

    In 4, I'd use "host" rather than "accommodate".

    5 ... our teaching staff and our principal, as well as to see ...


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