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Thank you. I left out the following phrasal verbs. I added a paragraph on youth cultures I also need to prepare. Thank you.

1) I couldn’t get off last night. It must have been the coffee.
His lawyer managed to get him off.
He got off/away with a fine.
2) On Friday afternoon he usually gets off at five o’clock.
It was very hot and she took her coat off.
She gets on well with all her neighbours.

1) James prefers to define “youth” as the age in which people are not children any more and not yet adults. James believes that youth culture is always changing they are very receptive to new ideas.
2) They have an open mind and I are prepared to look at things and think.
American youth culture, that is American movies, music and TV shows have enabled young people to enjoy their youth.
3) Though the greatest number of young people are in Asia, Western societies have strong subcultures. The main reason (why) some people belong to a youth subculture is to show they have different values from the rest of society.

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