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Physics 161

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A cat dozes on a stationary merry-go-round, at a radius of 6.9 m from the center of the ride. The operator turns on the ride and brings it up to its proper turning rate of one complete rotation every 7.3 s. What is the least coefficient of static friction between the cat and the merry-go-round that will allow the cat to stay in place?

  • Physics 161 -

    centripetal force= friction force
    m*w^2 r= mu*mg

    w=2PI/period= 2PI/7.3 rad/sec

    solve for mu.

  • Physics 161 -

    what is your "m" in your equations stand for?

  • Physics 161 -

    i really wanna know that why is centripetal force equal to frictional force???
    n a request...
    free body diagram please!!

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