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least common denominator for these two rational expressions. ( / stands for fraction bar and the ^ means it's squared. i don't understand these at all.

a/ a^2-36


  • algebra -

    a^2 - 36 = (a+6)(a-6)
    a^2 + 5a - 6 = (a+1)(a-6)

    So, the LCD = (a+6)(a-6)(a+1)

    to add them ,you'd do

    a/(a+6)(a-6) + 2a/(a+1)(a-6)
    = a(a+1)/(a+6)(a-6)(a+1) + 2a(a+6)/(a+6)(a-6)(a+1)
    = (a^2 + a + 2a^2 + 12a)/(a+6)(a-6)(a+1)
    = (3a^2 + 13a)/(a+6)(a-6)(a+1)
    = a(3a+13)/(a+6)(a-6)(a+1)
    = a(3a+13)/(a^3+a^2-36a-36)

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