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1. Water is the source of life. We all depend on it. Water is important, and we cannot survive a week without it.

2. Water should be free; it is a basic need for living. We should not consider buying bottled water.

3. Agricultures use chemical to increase farming productivity but it pollutes water from the ground, automobiles releases toxins that pollutes the clouds, over 60% of wetlands in the world has been destroyed in the past hundreds of years.

4. The world is deserting; we are running out of water. This can cause of changes of the earth’ structure which causes earthquakes and potentially a tsunami.

5. More people live in the city than those in country side and the number grows every day. Clearly, that there is more un pave than pave land in the world because of this a hydrologist predict that 50 years from now there will be a collapse of the planets water structure.

6. Private companies like nestle started to sell bottled water, the comparison of price compare to tap water is significant. Bottled water is not healthier than tap water but it is just a healthy alternative because it’s easy to access and it’s been sterilized.

7. Some countries like India are struggling to have access with water. If they don’t have money they will die by not having to afford water. This problem forms a conflict to the people which result killing one another.

8. Private companies use to treat water like oil and start to make money from it. They will water in different parts of the world. They don’t care if the all the water from that lake or sea will run out all they want is money.

9. The best way to fight privatization of water is to ensure that we have enough water in our home so that the demand of water in market will be lessen.

10. Water is important and people take it for granted. We can help to conserve water in many simple ways. We can do this by using low flow of water when using shower, turn off the water in the sink when brushing or shaving, and so on.

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