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I also need to find information about the following questions. I really hope you can help me, writeacher.

1) How important do you think it is for young people to feel part of a group?
2) Do you think that if a child has very strict parents, he or she will rebel against them later in life? What do you think that?
3) Do you think that parents and their children can be best friends?
4) In what way do you think the values of your society are changing?
5) What facilities are there for young people in the area where you live?
6) Do you think it was easier to be a young person 50 years ago? Why/why not)

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    These are questions for sociologists, it seems to me!

    3. Personally, I don't believe parents are there to be kids' friends -- they need to be their PARENTS! In my opinion, far too many parents in the US forget this these days.

    You should go into one or more of these search engines and search for information on NATURE VS NURTURE and RESULTS OF STRICT PARENTING and PARENTS OR FRIENDS and CHANGING VALUES SOCIETY and any other terms you can think of.


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