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Thank you very much for your help.
I tried to include a few things, though I couldn't find much about how to prepare for an interview.

1) During the interview you’ll be asked to talk about your interests, show your personality and offer an impression of who you are. You can prepare for the interview by writing a list of key words you believe are important to you. 2)First, make sure you arrive on time for the interview. The extra time will come in handy if you encounters delays. Once you get in the interview room, introduce yourself and greet the interviewers with a handshake and smile.
3) During the interview you should sound confident but not arrogant. Remember to be yourself, act naturally and use appropriate language.
4) It is a good thing (???) not to memorize your answers, otherwise you’ll hand up sounding like you’re reading from a script.

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    In 4, yes; keep "good thing" -- and put a semicolon after "answers" to fix the run-on.

    Be sure to caution students not to simply repeat what is already in their application and on their transcripts. The admissions people already know that stuff. What they want to hear about is anything that makes this student come alive, things students can't put into an application.

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