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This question is from my workbook (Pre-Calculus 11). Can someone please help me understand it?

Suppose theta is an angle in standard position with terminal army in quadrant III and tan theta = 6/3. Determine the exact calues of the other two primary trigonometric rations.

In quardatn III, x is ______ and y is ________ (r is always positive).

I don't understand how to draw the triangle for reference.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    tan = y/x

    since both x and y are negative in QIII, then you must have

    tan = 6/3 = -6/-3,
    so y = -6 and x = -3
    now, r = 3sqrt(5)

    sin = y/r
    cos = x/r

    just plug and chug

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