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Could you plz help me to check if these two essays have thesis and thesis development?

ESSAY 1:There has been much discussion over the maximum population capacity of our world today. This paper analyzes how agroecology has been a major benefit to society on a global scale.

ESSAY 2:This paper analyzes how agroecology, using the green revolution and genetically modified crops such as beta-carotene rice as examples, has benefited society on a global scale by increasing the efficiency of food production, and in helping less-developed societies deal with health issues such as blindness. There has been much discussion over the maximum population capacity of our world today. Theorists such as Thomas Malthus suggested that while the human population grows, exponentially food production only grows arithmetically, and that it would only be a matter of years before the earth died of “hunger”. It is thanks to agroecology that Mathus’ theory will never come true.



    Neither one is a complete essay.

    I don't see a thesis statement in either one either.


    I need help writing my proposal paper

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