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Could you please check if everything is OK? Thank you very much.

3) Put the following into indirect speech using a suitable reporting verb (10)
1) “Would you like to have dinner with me on Saturday?”, he said to me.
He invited me to have dinner ...
2) “Shall I help you carry your suitcase?” said one of the guests.
He offered to help me carry ...
3) “If I were you, I’d reserve a table in advance”, he said.
He suggested I should reserve..
He recommended I should reserve
He advised me to reserve
4) “Remember to switch off when you have finished”, he said
He reminded me to switch off..
5) “What about having a party on Sunday”, he said.
He suggested having a party
6) “I won’t tell anyone”, she said.
He promised not to tell anyone
7) “Don’t be late again”, she said.
She warned me not to be late.
8) “OK. It was me who stole the vase”, she said.
She admitted stealing/that she had stolen
9) “Ok, I’ll drive you to the airport”, she said.
She agreed to drive me ...

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    3) “If I were you, I’d reserve a table in advance”, he said.
    He suggested that I reserve...
    He recommended that I reserve ...
    He advised me to reserve ...

    In 4 -- to switch what off?? There needs to be a direct object there.

    The rest are fine.

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