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1. To sustain a learned response in someone, it is best for you to reinforce it:
a. continuously
b. intermittently
c. intermittenly at first, then continuously
d. at the first sign of spontaneous recovery.
I chose B.

2. In his famous obedience study, Stanley Milgram set out to find out:
a. if people would obey authority when asked to do something that violated their usual ethical standards.
b. the level of electric shock people administer under pressure by an authority figure
c. the effect of punishment on learning
d. the effect of experimenter bias on subjects ordered to perform acts of violence against others.
I chose C.

thank you!!!

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    1. Looks OK.

    2. A-->study measured the willingness of people to obey authority when instructed to do something that conflicted with their conscience.

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    Thank you very much for your assistance!!!

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