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Which statement BEST explains why Hunduism is one of the world's most complex repligions?
A.Hinduism is very similar to Buddhism and Christianity.
B.Hinduism is no longer practiced in presents-day India.
C.Hinduism grew out of the overlapping beliefs of the diverse groups that settled in India.
D.The religioun texts of the Hindus are written in language that no one understands.
My answer is B ?

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    I disagree.

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    okay i read that so its not A or B eaither c or D right?

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    You're right -- it's either C or D. Considering that the Jewish/Christian Bible was written in languages that few people understand, what is your answer?

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    uhmm Ima say D ?

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    No. The reason that Hinduism is so complex is that it grew out of many different beliefs from different groups of people.

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    ohhh oops :) thank you for your help :)

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    You're very welcome.

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