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So Im going to be doing an informative speech on dog-human communication. The visual aid I can use is a powerpoint. I really need help kind of outlining/ deciding what to talk about. I got a couple of books and have some research on it and there seems to be a whole lot of information, view points I could take, and topics I could talk about.

What I was first thinking was tlking about verbal communication by the dog and then verbal what humans normally do. Then I would do non verbal with both, but it would kinda be hard explaining verbal with dogs and since I only have a powerpoint as my aid, I couldn't really like made the dog sounds (aka dif types of barks)

So Im really stuck on what to discus. any ideas?

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    What do you mean by verbal communication by dogs? Do they bark differently when they're happy or in danger or to defend their property?

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    yah they have different lengths and tones of barks

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    and pitches

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    You might try to imitate these pitches or record them.

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    One of my granddaughters is pregnant and apparently one of their dogs is especially solicitous toward her now.

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