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Here are the last paragraphs on history Thank you very much for helping me!!

1) The first political parties were the Whigs and the Tories. The Whigs descended from the Parliamentarians.
2) They were in power continuously from 1714 to 1760 and pressed for industrial and commercial development, a vigorous foreign policy and religious toleration.
3) They were supported by the wealthy commercial classes. The Tories descended from the Royalists and were supported by the Church of England and the landowners.
4) The meetings of the Whig ministers developed into the Cabinet with the leading minister known as the Prime Minister.Robert Walpole was the first Prime Minister.
5) He was a Whig and he was in power for over twenty years. He managed to keep England out of foreign conflicts so that trade could flourish and taxes could be kept down.
6) Customs duties in imports and exports of raw materials were removed. He was accused of corruption but he survived a change of monarch, when George I died and was succeeded by his brother George II.
7) Walpole’s opponent was the Whig William Pitt, who became Prime Minister in 1766. He started a mercantilist policy, to make England a strong and economically competitive country. His policy led to the establishment of a new set of values based on power, wealth and prestige.
8) In this period England expanded its possessions in India, North America and the Caribbeans. The wealthy merchants controlled the mines and trades.
9) They gained prestige and enabled their children to marry into the aristocracy. The artisans and the craftsmen filled the gap between the upper class and the the poor.
10) They worked long hours for a very low wage. Below them there were the poor who had no political rights, lived in terrible conditions and were affected by serious diseases such as smallpox, scurvy or typhus.
11) Workhouses were places built by the parishes where the poor were maintained at public expense and hired out to factory owners. Coffee-houses were meeting places for important companies, centres of the circulation of news and gathering points were people exchanged opinions.

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