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Animal Experimentation

Many people say no animal should be held for cruelty, such as being experimented on for biomedical research. There are people out there that need a cure for cancer or other diseases so there only way to find a cure is for scientists to do biomedical research on animals. Many animals are being hunted into extinction while others are being held for entertainment. Animals such as chimpanzees and mice are being held by scientists for biomedical research. Many people think that it is wrong for scientists to kill animals during biomedical research, but other people want scientists to use animals to find cures for diseases.

Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to use animal experimentation to find cures for cancer and other diseases. Mostly all of the animal experimentation is conducted on rodents. Many of animal rights activist consider these cruelty, but if animals are being studied for good purposes many people believe this isn’t cruelty. Animals are being experimented on for biomedical research to find cures, not trying to kill these animals.

No one wants just any animal during animal experimentation that is why doctors and veterinarians come and see inspect the animal so they can give the approval for the animals to be in research. Animal experimentation has been efficient that it has given cures for deadly diseases. Without animal experimentation finding cures will take longer leaving more humans dead, but thanks to biomedical research finding cures are way faster. Many animals lose their lives during this but because of them we have found cures for some diseases.

Animal experimentation is good for people but it is doing bad to our animals. We are killing our animals in our society for biomedical research making animals go extinct. Animals just like us feel pain. All biomedical researchers are abusive to animals like rodent submitting them to many stages of pain. There should be an alternative way so animals won’t suffer. Even though many people dislike mice they should be in Animal Welfare Act to protect them from very cruel experiments that makes them go through a lot of pain.

Chimpanzees are among one of the most common animals to be used for animal experimentation. Since the only animals to be suitable with hepatitis C and are our closest living genetics relatives, labs need chimpanzees to do biomedical research on them to find a cure for hepatitis C, which kills approximately 12,000 Americans every single year. Not only are these animals use to find cures for hepatitis and other diseases, but are also uses to test their intelligence. In order to get chimpanzees the U.S. kills the chimpanzee’s overprotective mother and any other chimpanzee that tries to protect the baby chimpanzee.

The National Institute of Health wants you to know that tax money is going to a campaign to aware people about chimpanzees in biomedical research. The tax money is used to pay for the abuse of chimpanzees. The National Institute of Health will save millions if they end chimpanzee experimentation. Animal experimentation will end only if captive chimpanzees are classified as endangered. Chimpanzees are in labs in cages with little room to move, “From their point of view, it’s like torture.They are in prison and have done nothing wrong.” (Goodall) In June 25, 2008, Spain became the first nation to ban chimpanzees used in animal experimentation.

Many consider animal experimentation for biomedical research a bad way for scientists to find cures for disease, while many consider this the only way to find a cure for cancer, aids, and other diseases. Without biomedical research finding cures for diseases will take longer, but thanks to biomedical research it is way faster to find cures now. Chimpanzees and mice are among some the animals to be used for biomedical research. Without these animals and animal experimentation many people would die faster trying to find a cure for their disease.

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    animals should not - instead of no animal
    should 1st line.
    ; after cruelty

    your first paragraph - you want to state what your arguments are without examples

    closing paragraph needs to be split between your other paragraphs, your closing argument should be a summation of your argument.

    make sure you read the paper so that you are not just restating the same fact in different words.

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