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Create and describe a data set including independent and dependent variables (be creative) and a table of the data. Explain how this would best be graphed to accurately present the results of the research (type of graph, axes, and scale limits – minimum and maximum).

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    and your question about this is ...

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    If you have a data set graph that. If not, make up data relating to the type of experiment you are doing (sometimes teachers make you do this to see if you understand the subject) and plot it on the graph. The type of graph will differ with the data but you will generally use a bar graph, a scatter plot, or a line graph to graph scientific data. The scale limits are just how high or low your data goes.
    The independent variable (x-axis)is what you are manipulating (or changing) in the experiment and the dependent variable (y axis) is what you measured in the experiment. Don't forget to label your the x and y axis (including units measured in ... example: millimeters, grams, miles, etc.) and a title for your graph, these may not be required for your class but they will be required in future classes so you may as well get used to using them now. Good luck!

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