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I have a few doubts on certain phrasal verbs. I hope you can clear them (up)?

1) Can you give me an example of "lay on to"? I can't find any with the preposition "to".
2) He got off with a fine =
He got away with a fine
3) The teacher let them off their homework.
She exempted them from their homework.
4) Get off all that mess from the desk (is there another phrasal verb meaning the same : tidy up?)
5) He is getting on for sixty. He is approaching sixty.
You can't avoid telling him the truth.
You can't get around........ (Do you need a gerund after it?)
6) The bus crashed into the sidewalk and broke down.

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    I've never heard "lay on to" -- but there's "lay on" and "lay into"

    2. OK

    3. The teacher let them off from doing their homework.
    (I've never heard this one without the words I've added.)

    4. Yes ... "Tidy up that desk!"

    5. I've never heard "getting on for" -- This could work, though: "He is getting on in years; he's almost sixty."

    Yes, a gerund works, and sometimes a noun or pronoun:
    You can't get around it.
    You can't get around doing your homework.
    You can't get around the boss.

    6. Not "into" but "on" -- if you want "into" then change "sidewalk" to "wall" or something vertical!

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